TUG2: the perfect Timeshare Selling Machine

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TUG2 Timeshare Users Group: List of  shocking facts that prove this could be a potential scam organization updated (2019)


We search on google, and we read that TUG2 or Timeshare User Group is a reliable network for all people who own a Timeshare and needs advice and protection supposedly provided by the Group members and moderators.
Blogs abound on the Internet where authors assert that TUG2 or Tugbbs remains as a trustworthy organization.

Most of the Blogs on the Internet Share a favorable opinion about TUG2

Most of the sites or Blogs share a favorable common opinion about the Brian

People who trust TUG2

Rogers´Timeshare User Group stating the organization is purely and entirely devoted to help and protect the Timeshare consumers.
Nobody could assert the opposite. TUG2 or TUGBBS enjoys a healthy reputation.

Why Google always highlights the entire reputation of these companies?
Google as a search engine Intelligence seems to love TUG2 so as Yelp and BBB (Better Business Bureau).


The Google Artificial Intelligence is, after all, managed and commanded by people and, unfortunately, the problem begins right here: It's our deep nature inherited from ancestors that oblige us to create groups, to organize groups and to take one side or the other.

It has been asserted by Ex - TUG members that TUG2 helps certain people, but not all of them.

They protect people and companies that belong to their inner circle of confident friends or associates, but on the other hand, Some TUG2 moderators attack or at least try to cause harm to other companies´ reputation, as has been stated by former users of the Timeshare Group Platform.

So... Who owns the Timeshare Users Group? The owners name is Brian Rogers

Brian Rogers Owner of TUG2Tug2, (before Tugbbs), is a family business and its actual owner is Brian Rogers, while his brother Bill (XR8) operates as the webmaster of Tug2, before called Tug2.com and Tugbbs.com

The rest of the family:  Dana, Catherine, Veronica, Bonnie, and William might work as well on Tug2, although ít´s something not proven yet with documents.


TUG2 Posing as an unbiased Organization

The network for timeshare users is supposedly an unbiased organization that serves as a platform on the Internet to provide “protection and advice ” for people who owns a Timeshare or vacationing membership. The site is promoted on Google Search by Roger himself who holds the knowledge of advanced digital marketing tools among many other skills described on his Linkedin Profile which proves he´s a very experienced man regarding digital programming and marketing for sales on the Internet to develop his sophisticated digital funnels for TUG.

Non profit message in male hands

How is TUG2 or TUGBBS  being introduced to us?

The presentation is simple, concrete and precise and it goes as follows:

“The Timeshare Users Group, started as a group of Timeshare Owners just like yourself, is a family run organization providing an unbiased source of consumer oriented information and advice on Timeshares and the Timeshare concept.”

In a matter of fact, the group ran by a family, and it serves as an open forum for timeshare owners who seek a safe network to publish their ads on its private marketplace. TUG2 seems to work well, and it's a trusted site by thousands of people. Nonetheless, There are almost invisible fissures in its reputation and the facts talk by themselves. We will see these issues in further detail later on this article.

Timeshare Users Group

The Perfect Timeshare Selling Machine

How Shell Companies work?

But how can Brian Rogers finance or promote his Timeshare Owner Group and why?

TUG2 operates like any other company. It can compare to a powerful motor that propels a bigger and sophisticated machine. TUG is a very profitable business.
This Company manages a 15.00 USD membership that users pay annually. But that's just the beginning of something that many people at the Timeshare Users Group Ignore.

The most valuable thing is not the money that pays for joining the crew, but the private data of every member that subscribes on their platform. And this is it, the real business with private information. And how do they manage such data?
Evidence will lead us to their best and unsuspected top secrets. But before that, please keep your reading to unveil the ways of the perfect timeshare selling machine.

The Tug2  moderators and its crew of influencers make people fear any attempt to rescind their contracts.

How Timeshare Users Group is being Funded

The trained influencers working at Timeshare Users Group

Influencers in Timeshare Users GroupThe Tug2 Moderators and its crew of influencers are people that logs in as typical ordinary subscribers and their profiles names are just pseudonyms to keep their real ID secure. There are hundreds of people on Tug2´s Forum, but among them, the “all-knowers” infiltrate in the conversations to cause a new direction towards their purposes. But, What purposes?
It has been reported by anonymous EX-TUG members that there are well-trained influencers and Timeshare Brokers who take part in most of the conversations occurring on the Forum. Their knowledge about Timeshare Resale and Rental is in clear advantage, by far, to the rest of the collective owners. It must reiterate that these are merely the assertions received in Timeshare Advisor News by our subscribers who are or were active members at TUG.

It has been pointed out that among the most active moderators are Brian Rogers, Denise M., and XR8, a pseudonym used by a moderator whose profile shows an angry baby face. Some people suggest this is, in fact, Bill or William Roger. Such a statement has not yet been proven. Nonetheless, it's important to keep in mind that a TUG2 is a Family Business and it all makes sense at last.
Be that Bill, Dana, William or whoever,  their expertise on the topic of Timeshare Resale and Rentals is, no doubt, at the highest level of any Timeshare Broker.

Experts do comprehend how a scam works from the beginning to the end. With this clarified, it can be derived from a common sense that a timeshare scammer can not deceive any other scammer.

Timeshare Advisor News is not a public forum; nevertheless, we are always open to reading our Subscribers emails sent every day, since most of them serve as valuable feedback which gives support and liability to our articles; otherwise, our Blog would not exist after all.

Ex- Tuggers state that the moderators intend to make people fear any attempt to rescind their contracts and to make them believe they are under the protection of TUG.

Members are safe while they are in TUG  only. Dangers await out there.


TUG2 moderators intervene conversations  to cause influence on real timeshare owners

Timeshare resale brokers don't want other brokers to take away their clients,  so the best strategy that works for them is to intervene an open conversation in a Forum and warn people that brokers outside TUG are merely scammers. Here's when infiltrate members appear to moderate the comments by their users. Everything approved with the exceptions regarding people whose comments mean a threat to the Family business interests. In other words, if you run an Ice Cream Shop and you learn the skills to attract your potential buyers, you don't want your competitor to come in and take away them away from your business. That is quite normal. But what about if your competitor has a better Ice Cream Recipe than you? This is when your speaking skills play a most important role to hold people for your business, be that TUG or Licenced Timeshare Resale Broker Association.

Competitors expelled from TUG2 Forum

Expelled from TUG2Ex-TUG users assert that they were dismissed from the TUG2 Forum by the moderators because they were bringing in new ideas to the group.
One of the most avowed cases on the Internet is that of  Susan B. who published her report on Redweek and ComplaintsBoard.com about the unfair decision of being expelled from TUG Forum by one of the moderators.

She asserted that she had collected evidence about genuine cases where attorneys were capable of annulling or rescind Timeshare Contracts legally. Susan wanted the moderators to permit her to post the lists in that Forum; nonetheless, the suggestions were rejected by the Rogers, and they resolve to expel Susan from the Forum.

Susan stated that if TUG2 cared about people they, at least, should provide a list of their recommended and trusted attorneys and though the group is older than 23 years they don´t even provide a single recommendation. On the opposite, they plead that there exists no way to get a contract rescinded legally. Such declaration was published on TUG by Brian Rogers Himself.

TUG2 LTRBA are non-accredited business by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Tug2 and LTRBA are businesses that are being promoted as Non-Profit organizations that were founded to help people get out of their Timeshares eliminating the scams that plague the Market. Nonetheless, The truth is that both are private businesses, not government agencies. We mainly focus on the fact that LTRBA is a non-accredited business by BBB.
TUG2, as a Private Business, is leading their club members to LTRBA which is considered as one of their tops recommended Timeshare Resale Brokers. This statement has its roots on the original TUG2 website. Therefore we prompt our readers to check it up by themselves.


Licensed Timeshare Resale Broker Association Reviews


After a thorough web search we encounter exciting information regarding unsatisfied clients, and furthermore, unhappy employees who posted their reviews on sites as Trustpilot and others of reputable prestige as Glassdoor.

Shreds of evidence of the association between TUG2 and LTRBA appear on several websites.
The following are extracts we have collected for you to build your own opinion, but in case our readers need to verify on themselves please just click the links here provided.

“I wish I would have seen the warnings about TUG2 Timeshare Users Group and Interval International last week”.

“I trusted TUG2 as many others do and read many of their articles including the "TUG2 recommended lists of Timeshare Resale businesses and allies". By Matias C.

Read more on Yelp here.

The Timeshare Selling Machine called TUG2

When we say it's a Timeshare selling machine is because the person who runs the business knows perfectly how to manage people and understand the real value of the holding them inside TUG.

As timeshare Brokers, they just need people's private data so as Name, Email a Phone and of course a well-assembled company frontend. Of course, Brian and his fellows asserted on their Tug2 Forum, and these companies are disposable ones that are discarded after they have scammed a client, while Tug2 or Tugbbs or Tug2.net or .com remains untouchable with its impeccable undeniable good reputation.  

Don't you think this is a perfect Timeshare selling Machine?

“It's Nice that Mr. Brian Rogers manages a top-rated Blog so as TUG2 or TimeShare Users Group where people interact with each other to give help or advice to people who need to solve a particular problem with their TimeShare or vacations membership. Very Nice." 
By an Anonymous user.

Read more on Glassdoor here.

Tug2 does not protect people, but they want to hold them inside the perfect Timeshare Selling Machine instead.

The reader should not forget that Tug2 is not saving or protecting people. They are just keeping them inside their well organized Timeshare Selling Machine.
The automated machine now working on a safe path and enjoying its strong reputation keeps attracting thousands of Timeshare owners every day.

The TImeshare Selling machine organizes and processes the information provided by users and finally it all is transferred to another autonomous structure which is not publicly connected to Tug2.
You should know that Brian Rogers was not a timeshare owner like you. He has spent most of his life working for Timeshare Resorts.
Did you know that Brian R. is the actual owner of Licenced Timeshare Resale Brokers Associate?

“The Rogers Family besides owning this Timeshare Group Group they own an outside Timeshare Resale Brokers business” by  Karla W

Read more on repdigger.com here.

"I want to prevent people about this Pseudo Non-profit organization called TUG2. Nonetheless, On TUG official web (though I found four websites)

They openly recommend doing business with LTRBA and some others scams as Interval International."

Read more here.

Tug2 it's part of a well-organized structure that connects this site or Forum with other businesses that belong to the Family

Once the Timeshare Lead collector, Tug2, gathers and processes all the valuable data these are TUG2 a well assembled machinesent to the brokers, who, as has been previously asserted, are highly trained and experienced experts.

It will be complicated to Timeshare owners to escape this relentless scam. It could be that you are being called from their matrix, it could be the Licenced Timeshare Brokers Associates, or maybe some other disposable company name they will use and discard after the operation is finished.

John asks himself why or how could this member be granted permission to manage her own business inside Tug2 Forum. This is a controversy everyone should realize before becoming a member and give away their private information to these people.

Why some Timeshare Resale Companies appear one day and then disappear the next

TUG moderators explain this on their own words in such a way that no one could doubt about Tug2 reputation.
They assert that companies outside Tug2 are Scams and that those businesses change the name every time they need it, which leads us to ask ourselves why more prominent firms as Diamond Resorts or Vidanta move to new locations or at least transform into a newer and better Brand so as Mayan Palace or Inside the Gates. We will not go deeper into this matter because that's another Timeshare Selling Machine that deserves its own and magnificent article to gather and show you all traces left behind in the Internet by these businesses.

This old data are hidden, but they are still there, and we will filter it all for you in an exclusive article because you deserve to know everything.

TUG2: A Relentless Timeshare Resale Organization that hates competitors on the Marketplace

On 2015 John Marzano published he had been scammed by TUG in the way that his e-mail address was associated with a SCAM or someone who shared his name. The problem was never solved and Brian Rogers never cared about it because they took Mr. Manzano was creating a very profitable business inside TUG2 Forum.

John M. asserts that while Tug2 moderators scammed him and especially by Denise M. Who, in fact, is running a TimeShare Rental Business inside the Tug2 Forum:  denisetravels.com.

Published on Tripadvisor in a desperate attempt to clean up his name

John in a desperate attempt to clean up his name published his terrible experience with TUG2 at the prestigious site of Tripadvisor; nonetheless, the damaged could never be reversed or at least he could have been given a public apology by Brain Rogers, the actual owner of TUG2.

People on Complaints Boards fear that Tug2 might be a SCAM

04-12-2014 Complaints Board.

More angry people at Complaints Board claimed that Brian Rogers and his Tug2 site is not an open source where everyone can join to help and warn other members about the Timeshare Resale Scams. This time a person urged to notify the member about fraudulent practices done on a company he worked for, nonetheless, all his posts were deleted by Tug2 moderators.

The unhappy user interchanged correspondence by emails, but the results were terrible as you can read on the following citation:

“After I defended my position in a return e - mail correspondence to this mindless buffoon, he proceeds to play email "tit - for - tat" with me for the next three hours. Apparently, he has nothing better to do with his time than play stupid little games, and his behavior is evidence of a hypocrite who, rather than demonstrate concern over the security of his members and timeshare owners in general, he would rather entertain himself by reading their horror stories posted on his (Tug) website”

Published by Complaints Board

Some other participants assert that Tug2, in fact, rip off users as any other scam

“TUG is bull-###. They call you 100 times before you become a member, with lots of promise. After you transfer your money, you won't get a single call. Every time you call, they will say: "You will get a call from customer care before 5 pm today". If you hear that, just laugh on yourself, and assume you have lost your money”.

Published by Complaints Board

“The TUG Forum IS the SCAM! It's a place where paranoid, in-denial, and brainwashed people can have the same conversation over, and over, and over again. And it's also a place where you can't actually participate unless you are promoting the same agenda as theirs.

Published by Complaints Board

“I have been wondering if TUG is a legitimate site as I have left phone messages and emails but have not received a reply. I'm willing to join and list my timeshare, but I have been worried that TUG too might be a scam... Any hints on how to really talk to someone or who that person might be? I know it's a long shot to sell a timeshare...but I have to try. Grateful for any insight on this query and any other effective advice for listing a timeshare (other than with the unscrupulous companies out there!)”

Published by Complaints Board

ripoff-report-scam-exposedScammed by TUG2 (Timeshare Users Group): Rip-Off Report (08-04-2012)

Some critical data seem to be buried deep on the Internet, and some Search Engine Machines seem to discard that information. In this case, Duckduckgo has brought to life an old complaint published on Ripoff Report the past 08-14-2012.
This person relates how they were scammed by Bill R. who is Brian Rogers´s brother, and how he lost USD 5,000.00 while his wife Maggy suffered a severe sickness.

Earl Wallace Claimed TUG2 scammed him on Ripoff Report

Earl Wallace reported in 2012 that TUG2 scammed him and though his complained was kind of severe no one seemed to care about it; nonetheless, the complaint is still there so you can visit the site and verify it. We just bring you a brief citation plus the link to follow its original posts.

“Bill Rogers is one of the men who contacted us about selling. They disguise their company as a company who helps timeshare owners they are not they are liars and thieves. We filed warrants for the man who did this to us, and we hope justice comes soon.”

The information brought up by the Rip-Off Report concerning the case of Tug2 exposes some other issues which will not be mentioned on this Blog due to the dangers of managing very delicate data.

TUG2 Timeshare scam users group ripoff report (2)

TUG2 owners don't want you to even think about canceling your Timeshare

On September 21, 2016, a  Redweek member of the Forum under the name Susan stated the following:

“TUG2 is supposed to be an unbiased Forum dedicated to helping consumers. It has long been rumored that TUG is very biased in favor of TimeshareS developers.

Indeed the policies on that site indicate they are more interested in protecting the TimeShare developers than the consumers.”

The lady states that she participated with some group to undertake a long term Investigation (DRI) Concerning with Timeshare Owners and their experiences on TUG2; nonetheless, she explains that TUG moderators banned her and she was accused of promoting for an attorney.

Once Susan was prevented from posting comments they took advantage to continue discrediting her on their Forum.


Susan states that the following comment caused her to be banned by TUG2 moderators:

“I am not "promoting" for any particular attorney. I am a consumer rights activist (currently focused on TimeShare), I help Timeshare victims, I don't charge anyone a dime, and I don't receive any compensation from attorneys”.

“People that deviate from TUG's agenda are likely to be censored. [email protected]

Susan continues relating her experience and assumes that many people contacting her by phone or by E-mail were “Testers” from the Timeshare Users Group who were trying to obtain something valuable that could serve as a proof of her promoting some attorney but never happened.

Susan b. On Redweek Forum asserts that TUG2 or Timeshare Users Group intents or strives to keep their members inside their group not letting them realize that there´s, in fact, a chance to rescind their Timeshare contract and in some cases recover past or the total money they paid for it.

While they keep their people unaware of what Susan wanted to share with them, TUG2 will then preserve their business untouched and running as always has done during the last 20 years producing money as though it were a Gold mine.

Thousands and millions of dollars have been the result of 20 years of keeping people inside their TUG2

TUG2 does not want people to learn that they could get rid of their timeshare legally and even get back what they paid for it

Susan explained this in her own words as follows:

“I am promoting something though. I want people to know that it is a myth, mainly perpetuated by TUG, that the only way out of a TS is a surrender. That is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. I hate to think how many people have walked away from tens of thousands of dollars based on the advice that is routinely given here.”

“I know TUG has heard from people that obtained satisfactory results (cancellation of their Timeshare Contracts and WITH a refund) by the help of an attorney.

TUG should be happy to hear about such attorneys and anxious to publish their names. But you haven't done that.

You won't even let your users recommend an attorney by name. All this time, you could have been making it easy for people to find the attorneys they need. Instead, you act like you are afraid for that information to come out”.

Susan b. (redweek)


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