Wyndham Vacation Resorts Reviews (2019)

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The world of timeshare is quite broad, with an excessive number of resorts, as well as a large number of companies that manage and control most of the timeshare. One of these big companies is Wyndham, which has a large number of resorts under its brand, and for which it is recognized worldwide for what it is.

However, not all their fame is for good (actually, almost everything is about bad things), they have an extensive track record in which we can find many complaints from previous (and current) customers who grievance about Wyndham's poor service or even blame the company for various types of scams.

rev Wynd

Many different sites allow you to review the resorts you want to know about; in this case, Wyndham.

You can ask about the resorts and give your clear opinion about their services and if you would or not recommend it for someone else. Just for naming some of them, there is TripAdvisor, ConsumerAffairs, Mythreecents, and even Yelp.


More of these reviews here

What you need to know before a timeshare

Tourist knows that timeshares are not something that you should take lightly. The reason is that timeshares are not that good of a deal nor anything else the resort companies tell you a timeshare is. It is much more than that in reality. And most of it is a bad time for you.
Signing a timeshare contract is almost like selling your soul. You must think more than twice before you even consider to take a deal. The repercussions of not paying attention to what you sign could haunt you throughout your life, affecting your economy and that of your loved ones, as well as your reputation by not being able to keep up with the payments requested.

A salesman and a painful presentation

All of this could begin with what appears to be a kind invitation to a free breakfast after a presentation. The salesman offers rewards for attending and staying during the long conference.
However, these rewards will entirely not be worth it, either is food, money, or anything else, since they only want to convince you to sign a timeshare contract. You will lose your time and be in an uncomfortable situation there, not mentioning that a "presentation" could take even more than six hours.


"DO NOT be fooled into attending any of their presentations!! I own two different timeshares, and this presentation is the worst I've ever been to. I feel lied to and completely manipulated. The gifts promised to us was a farce, the salespeople are two faced... it has completely soured our vacation.
Save yourself your precious time and dignity. DO NOT go to these presentations!"

Jelyn N.

They tend to be very persuasive and persistent on fulfilling their objective, to close the deal.
Timeshare salespeople will try and do almost anything on his hands to close a deal. There are cases in which people have complained of having been drunk or drugged to have them sign the contract, which of course, it's illegal, and a big fault on the company and the salesman that is penalized by the law.

The sales presentation of a timeshare can be way too long (about from three to nine hours) and pretty annoying, and it is a direct threat to you, your family and your money.
We highly recommend not to assist to any timeshare presentation, either you own or not a timeshare, it's a waste of your time, and no matter what they gift to you, won't be worth the wait.
No question about it.
And actually, you probably won't even get anything at all, and if you "dare" to say no to the timeshare, the salesman will get way too aggressive on you.

It is a topic on reviews because of this. People that had to go through it recommends people to avoid that at all cost.
Don't accept any tickets to assist in those presentations. The standard premise for the tickets is to give you "an opportunity to win" that so-called "presentation" or meeting.
Instead of that, keep enjoying your vacations or whatever else you were doing at the encounter of the salesman.

Wyndham point system

Let's be realistic; we have to call these timeshare salesman criminals.

They for sure are criminals due to the methods used on timeshare presentations to close a sale. It is not fair to the guest/client, and it is an unethical practice. A salesman is an experienced person that makes almost anyone fall into their scam, and if one fails, they will keep trying on you. Making "sweeter" offers, giving you more prices if you say yes, they will offer anything to make you sign.

All of that, because at the moment you sign a contract that you don't want or can't afford it, they totally screw you. Another known practice that timeshare salesman does is selling you points, but they won't do anything for you, nothing but waste your money. And keep in mind that all those practices are illegal.

You can find more complains and reviews to reinforce your opinion regarding the resort.


Wyndham users reviews

Searching around the web, you can easily find a lot of reviews with different opinions about Wyndham Resorts. All of them from different points of view. What I mean with that is: there are reviews by customers, employees, and even ex-employees, all of them recommending to not negotiate with them. That can give you a clear and general opinion about the resort itself because it speaks from every angle. For example:


People around the globe (and over the web) have been dealing with this company and its employees, trying to keep on the payments, and the increasing fees, and looking for a way to get out.

On the other side, most of the employees know what kind of practices the company has, and they support the user's opinion. We bring you some of the websites with reviews for you to understand more clearly what is going on inside the resort.

I work for a Timeshare cancellation company- I talk with at minimum 10 families every single day regarding complaints about their Wyndham timeshare. I'm not proud to say, but as a previous, 17-year timeshare salesperson, I have extensive inside knowledge with regard to these deceptive timeshare presentations, contracts and ownership. As I matured, I began asking questions... Read more

Timeshare Scam Warning

At this point, you need to know that we don't recommend to negotiate with Wyndham. Doing so would be like playing Russian roulette, you have the chance to get a timeshare and use it like it's supposed to be, but instead, you will pretty much get scammed by the company.

The worst thing about the timeshare industry is that once you get into a contract is almost impossible to get out of it, and even if you do success into canceling your contract, all the money you wasted in your timeshare will forever be gone, and it's going to be a significant loss of money over the years.

We do recommend that, if you want to use a timeshare, just rent one. That will make you avoid signing a contract with the possibility of getting the experience of a timeshare in a safe way without putting your money and integrity in risk.

Review 1

We cannot say it enough; the timeshare world is a dangerous place, and even more for uninformed people. You need to encourage yourself on deciding on your own in this.
Do not get carried on by the hype of a presentation. And do not attend any presentation just for the sake of getting a free meal or whatever is the salesman is offering to you. It won't be worth it by any means.

I already own a timeshare

If you have the misfortune of being a timeshare owner at this moment and are looking for answers, you may be seeking for help.
We do recommend you go to sites like Dr. Timeshare and try to get answers as any help. Or, other places to find what to do with your contract or your timeshare, which in this case, our two recommended options would be to rent it on a site, or if you want to give it to try, look for a cancelation opportunity.

Nothing else but wish you luck and hope this was helpful for you.
Spread the word, and tell everybody interested in it to not deal with Wyndham or any other timeshare business because it is most likely only bad news.



John M. · March 11, 2019 at 6:25 pm

once I went to one of these presentations and they were trying and trying to sell something that didn’t want.

Jason C · August 13, 2019 at 6:34 pm

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