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Why ARDA represents the whole Timeshare and Resorts industries. We bring you a summarized and precise answer (2018)

This is why ARDA (2018) represents all the Timeshare and Resorts environment.

The American Resort Development Association, or shortly, ARDA, is a Washington D.C. that represents the vacation ownership and resort development industries, you hear about them a lot on the Timeshare environment. The CEO is Howard Nusbaum, president, and owner till this day.

ARDA was made to establish a legislative framework to protect timeshare consumers.

The job at ARDA is to represent vacational property industries and Timeshares. They have an average of 600 corporate members and 5000 partners within them. The company was made to establish a legislative framework to protect the consumers allowing them to prosper more nicely, because timeshare was at that time an unregulated industry with marketing abuses.

So, ARDA (or then, ALDA, American Land Development Association) was the answer for that around the 70’s.

RCI and Interval International

Later on, the RCI was part of the industry as an exchange company, one of the first actually. Followed by Interval International two years later. To that time, Timeshare exchange had more levels of flexibility in time and location timeshare vacations.  Things got even better when the floating-time was implemented, so the timeshare owners weren’t locked into a specific week and unit anymore. The next was the points system, adding even more features to this.

In the 1980s, the Code of Ethics for ARDA was established as a condition of membership that every ARDA member must agree to abide. This, to make its name trustful to their clients.      

ARDA and Resort Owners Coalition (ROC)

Then, there is ARDA-ROC too, a non-profit program sponsored directly by ARDA, and it’s dedicated to preserving, enhancing and protecting vacation ownerships, is basically an alliance of owners, developers and managers committed to local, state and federal policies to enable the vacation ownership industry to thrive.

The ARDA-ROC is the defense system against legislation that could impact negatively the timeshare owners or their well-being.

It is comprised of one-million-plus timeshare owners all across the country that contribute voluntarily between $3 to $10 a year to advocate local, state and federal policies beneficial to timeshare owners.

ARDA will continue to respond to consumer preferences

ARDA vacation ownership professionals will continue to respond to consumer preferences and lifestyle choices by providing an expanding variety of flexible timeshare products and, more importantly, the best vacation experiences for their owners.”

So, technically ARDA works with the timeshare companies to get you safety whenever you are dealing on your timeshare, whether you are selling, renting or exchanging your timeshare vacations with another member, this, by letting you get an idea on who to trust before doing so.

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