This is why Yelp is called the Billionaire Bully in USA

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Is Yelp worth it? This is why Yelp manipulates businesses´reviews

Let’s face it, if you are a business owner, or you are planning to be one, you may ask yourself whether Yelp is worth joining, We refer to that “rating system and paid advertisement site” that holds a lot of power on the United States. But, what exactly makes it so important for your business?

We share to you the secret why Yelp is not worth it and why it manipulates businesses´reviews. 

Yelp: one of the most influential rating sites for businesses in USA is about to crumble

The bad reviews on Yelp about your business appear from nowhere, This is the reason.

Well, we can start by saying that Yelp is one of the most influential rating sites out there, but, on the other side, is kind of a double-edged sword, and we are gonna tell you why:

  • One important point that you cannot afford to ignore about Yelp, is that you don’t really need to pay them to actually be shown up on their site, you may ignore that your business is listed already, and that’s a big mistake that could potentially turn really bad for you and your business in general, this is because you may get bad reviews, most likely fake ones, and they may be slowly messing up the image of your business. And that’s a big deal for sure.

How to tell your clients your Business is in Yelp so they can post their own reviews about you.

But the thing is: no matter what, you need reviews! Good ones of course. If you invest on Yelp and you are not getting reviews at all, you may be just losing your money for nothing.

The bad reviews on Yelp about your business appear from nowhere, This is the reason.
Yelp the Millionaire Bully

These are some of the many ways to get reviews on Yelp:: putting Yelpstickers on your local business, so your clients know you are on the site, or even, self advertising on the business social network (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc) with direct links to your Yelpmay be a really good idea to promote it.

Another way to do it would be encouraging your clients to check out your page on Yelp(if you do, leave some feedback, respond to comments, thank them for coming, solve any doubts, etc), but do not ask them to put five stars reviews, if they want to, they will. If they don’t, they won’t. Doing so goes against the Yelp Terms of Service.

  • The other side of the coin relies on paid ads. And is a really dark side. Yelp is also known by extorting people for paid advertisement, this because they notice Yelp hiding good reviews and suddenly showing up foremost the bad ones. We can call this: Review manipulation.
  • This occurring after they sign up -for example- on a 6 month contract, which actually could be helping the business to potentially grow, so far so good. Then, the customer (owner of the business) will start to get monthly, then daily phone calls from Yelp, asking them to pay for ads (this being an extra from the already paid contract). This turning into something really annoying and pressing from them. And nobody really  wants that.

The bad reviews on Yelp about your business appear from nowhere, This is the reason.

If the customer refuses to pay them, their site is most likely gonna start to get a bad rating from nowhere. If you ask Yelp what’s going on, they will -pretty much- tell you about their “site algorithm that helps them to choose the most helpful reviews”.

The bad reviews on Yelp about your business appear from nowhere, This is the reason.

And there are several cases of people around the internet getting the same experience. And that of course is pretty much a scam. We could even say is kind of a online Mafia treatment. Pay the bills and you are safe to go. But if they find out you are trying to expose them in any way, they might put your business in danger. It sounds lightly, but it isn’t, getting a one star average on your site is potentially going to impact with you getting new clients.

Not every business is in danger because of Yelp “randomized” attacks. Why?

Making it clear: Yelp are bullies and their first priority is not you or either help any business, but the money they get doing it. Every dollar they can get is good.

The bad reviews on Yelp about your business appear from nowhere, This is the reason.

However, turns out that this kind of situations are pretty much on a random basis. You may o not be affected by that, either is a big or a small business. This is because it would be a really big mess if they get way too exposed into legal terms. On Yelp, they really know what they are doing.

Even though you realize about Yelp´s Scandal your business may still need to appear on it.

Even so, you may still need tools like Yelp to get your business going up, especially if we are talking about any kind of new restaurant. Food and beauty services seem to be some of the top services advertised on Yelp, that because they seem to get a good and quick

response overall. This due to something called Customer lifetime value.

Paid advertisement is a priority for your business

This is something you really want to get in mind, and also means that paid advertisement could be good for your business, but isn’t necessarily good for every business. The outcome may be really ambiguous, but if you have the opportunity, and of course the right budget: you do you. Try it out, spend some money, and you might eventually turn that micro lost into a macro win. Remember, all of your clients matter. They are, in some way the heart of every business.

The bad reviews on Yelp about your business appear from nowhere, This is the reason.

Either way, it’s on you to make a choice, you could bet on Yelp if you believe it can help your company, just remember, there are always some safer options to choose from, like Paid search engines, Google AdWords, Google PPC, including Facebook ads. They are really easy to use, and you may get profit from them without the common risks or suspicious contracts.


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