Top 30 list of pseudo screw companies involved in timeshare scam (August 2018) reported by FTC & BBB

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List of Escrow or Title Companies involved in TimeShare Scams up to 2018.

The following is a list of Escrow & Title insurance companies reported and filed by BBB (Better Business Bureau)  that in fact have stolen money from their victims as little as $2000.00 USD up to $37 000.00 USD.

timeshare scam

We list below only the ones that according to BBB have committed crimes against the consumer by means of Internet or Phone calls. The ones not listed here belong to the categories:

  • License expired
  • License registration
  • License renewal
  • Without License
  • Take precautions with

We mean by this that BBB has a list of companies that have no records due to their recent formation or due to the fact that they have not committed any kind of crime against the consumer. The purpose is just that of warning and telling us choosing another options that really fits our legal expectations.

The Following list comprehends the Pseudo companies that have deceit consumers in the category of TimeShare / Travel / Vacations. If you are about to arrange some transaction to sell or purchase a vacation membership better known as TimeShare be sure your Closing or Title Insurance company is not listed below. We emphasize the list has been updated on 9 /05/ 2018.

timeshare scam 2018
Better Business Bureau extorts businesses

Companies that have been filed by BBB (Better Business Bureau) because of fraud or scam against the consumer.

timeshare scam

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and its Consumer´s Blog are not a reliable informative source.

The federal trade commission´s blog is not a source of information we can rely on.

The FTC  information, we emphasize, must be read carefully and regarded just as a communicative  social media online and not as a reliable source to take any action against any  company.

The fact is that the consumer himself posts his or her comments about a company using informal not verifiable data in ways that sound more as anecdote than that of true issues that could or at least should be legally documented so that newer visitors to the site could have the right means of verifying the information provided in FTC´s Blog.

federal trade comission

Federal Trade Commission is a comments compilation source only.

FTC serves as a comments compilation source and for advise to take precautions before or during a transaction but so far as we know the FTC can not protect you from scams nor recover your money once it has been taken by the fraudsters.   

The guests or consumers who come to tell their stories in FTC´s Blog have contributed with long and very interesting narrations concerning calls and attractive offers made by supposed sales agents or representatives of some travel and timeshare companies which certainly in the whole plan seem to be more scammers than righteous people. They offer great bargains but at the same time they ask for upfront payments. Of course anyone with a normal common sense could think that such stuff must be a scam.

The comments compilation in FTC´s Blog cite many repeated open questions and so as assertions made by some guests and we present a list excerpts for you to read comfortably, though you are always invited to go and read the complete blog on the links previously provided.

The open questions and assertions by consumers in FTC´s Blog

  • “Has anyone heard of ….?”
  • “Are they  scamming my grandpa…?”
  • “Has anyone heard of …?”
  • “Are they legit or is it a scam?”
  • “This company …  they have a buyer and They´re offering a lot of money for my timeshare, anyone ever heard of them?”
  • “They offer to buy my timeshare for a lot more than it is worth. They are going to take 7% off at the end of the dealing but want almost 6k in advance.”
  • “Just received the same phone call and offer. They have no website. Have you learned anything else about this company?”
  • “I wish I would have seen your comments last week, we have been ripped off of over $9,000 by… “
  • “I have filed a claim with the FTC and all they did was send me a helpful link talking about timeshare scams. Please don’t fall for this like we did”
  • “Has anyone else tried to recover their funds?”
  • “I have gotten my money back from MXTrade. The key is not giving up without a fight.”

The problem of anonymous assertions on FTC´s Blog harms its credibility.

The main issue to take into account about the Federal Trade Commission and its Blog for the consumers is the open source for everyone who wants to post a comment can do it with no filters to avoid spamming or at least to make sure we are not reading fake declarations than could even be done by one company pretending to harm the competitor´s prestige. There may be many more reasons why a person signs in with a pseudonym to assert things that have no a verifiable basis.

timeshare scam

The potential timeshare scams according to the consumer’s point of view.

TimeShare Scam  in Screw businesses
TimeShare Scam

According to the consumers this is the lists of potential scams in Timeshare / vacations category, though maybe some of those are missing, since the rows of comments compiling the pages of the blog are too many to mention all of them in the present article. Among the long lists of likely scams Ola Travels, Best Travels Deals and Getaway Travelers stand out as the most suspicious ones but we can yet number some more that shine among the comments  with no order of hierarchy

The next list comprises Escrow, Closing or Title InsuranceCompanies which have been reported by the consumer himself directly on the FTC.Gov official Site, though the page only serves as open source support for the consumer, since none of these travel, Escrow, or Closing Companies have in fact been reported with solid prove as being out of the law or by committing any crime. 

  • Capitol Real Estate Solutions LLC
  • Trip Joy Advantage
  • Federal National Holdings
  • NFH Escrow company
  • international real estate solutions inc
  • Silverleaf Resorts
  • Interval Title and Transfer
  • Constance Smith
  • Ola Travels
  • McGinnis and Texas Title
  • Asesga Associates Marketing
  • Cantor Financial International
  • Colorado Real Estate Dynamics
  • Vacation Property Shop
  • Getaway Travelers
  • Best Travels Deals
  • Regal Marketing
  • International Sales Group
  • Escrow Holding Management
  • Golden Asia Reality

Defying the FTC´s moderator to properly supervise and assess two different not real comments on their Blog.

We tried the FTC´s Blog with two different comments and then awaited for the moderator to choose which one was real.

The Facts:

We chose a company on the list above at random then our anonymous infiltrate left two different comments for the moderator to assess and finally approve one or the two of them depending on his or her own as to find out which one was spam  judgement.

  • The Infiltrate has succeeded in posting fake comments in FTC´s  Consumers´s protection Blog.
The Results were as follows:
  • The FTC´s Moderator took about 30 days to check its “Pending Comments” for assessment and approval.
  • The Moderator took his decision and finally approved both comments, even though they were fake.

One of the comments asserted that such company was a vile scam that intended to deceit him, to steal the so called upfront fee that is implicated in timeshare resale or purchasing. The way the infiltrate wrote his comment was so alike to other comments that was easy to predict it would be approved by the moderator of the FTC´s Blog.

The second comment was just an open one about a person that thought that the company was possibly a scam because the agent who called him said they had a buyer interested in buying his timeshare altmost recovering all his original investment.

These all is merely lies told by the infiltrate on FTC´s Blog, nonetheless, The moderator bit the bait and approved both comments.

Filter information before approving a comment
filtering information

The FTC´s Service and protection for customers have failed to filter and disapprove spam in the Blog.

The fact that a moderator on a public blog fails to accurately examine and discard spam, does not mean incompetence on his part, but that any blog that is open to public as a social network for communication or interchange of informations requires something more than “ a Blog´s moderator.”  

We all could fail doing a moderator’s job because anyone with Internet connection and artistic skills can no doubt deceive us at any time as well. Then we assert that receiving external contributions on a blog is and will always be a risky task.

The experiment of the Infiltrate commenter has been applied to more blogs including BBB (Better Business Bureau),Ripoff Report, the Scam detector, Scam Adviser, Trip Advisor and other Blogs that serve for the same issue.

Recognizing the effort made to serve and protect the Consumer

We recognize and respect the effort made by all professionals who worry about educating and protecting the consumer in regards to everything that involves selling or purchasing through Internet.

Internet opens infinite possibilities of communication and facilitates negotiations of any kinds but the truth for now is that we are still a long way from achieving a completely safe environment and it demands improving our security and safety protocols to filter spam more accurately.

Is BBB a reliable protector for the consumer

Better Business Bureau is it a reliable source for consumer protection?

BBB has built a long history in United States, more than one hundred years since its foundation in 1912 and currently people think of them as a reliable source to search for businesses and check up about their reputation regarding the famous BBB rating system. Nonetheless as we search through the Internet we encounter many dozens of independent websites that assert that BBB has lost its own well respected reputations and that its rating in has ceased to be a reliable source for judging a business reputation in USA.

And then some questions arises so as:

Is Better Business Bureau a Reliable Source of information?

Is Better Business Bureau worth joining?

Is Better Business Bureau a Government Agency?

Is BBB associated or affiliated to some Government program?

The questions are easily responded in a few websites which had backed up their assertions with WikiPedia and its irrefutable imparcial authority. Just follow the link above to read about  the theme in more depth. (the article will provide more extra links to external reliable sources in the Internet).
Contribute to our Blog

We welcome our visitor´s contribution, unless he or she is an Infiltrate to our Blog.

Your comments are always welcome. Just in the case our blog is visited by an infiltrate commenter we will maybe ask the public to participate moderating other´s comments to reinforce the filters.

Your contributions to enhance the content will be received gladly too.


Patrick Murphy · September 7, 2018 at 3:18 pm

Great list compilation, indeed, I checked up many of those businesses just to be sure and actually they´re all part of BBB ´s long list of unaccredited companies. Good job!

Michael Barret · September 12, 2018 at 7:42 pm

I was looking for a Top Ten Timeshare Scams by BBB but this one is so useful thank you for the effort of building this compilation and thank you for the links.

Larry G. · September 20, 2018 at 2:57 pm

Very useful article. I need to find out the actual reputation of a business I’m dealing with and I feel better now because they are not in the list of BBB.

    timeshare · September 20, 2018 at 7:02 pm

    Larry, the lists actually, is based on BBB´s official site so as the FTC Blog. Check it out. Please help us reach more people by sharing this to your firends.

Larisa M. · January 14, 2019 at 10:57 pm

Thanks for the info. I was trying to find this exact info.

    timeshare · January 29, 2019 at 4:25 pm

    You´re very welcome Larisa!

Alinn M · March 22, 2019 at 6:56 pm

Thank you for the list, I´ll share.

Martin U · April 14, 2019 at 4:49 pm

pseudo screw companies, interesting information and thanks for sharing the list. I´ll check.

Lauren D · April 16, 2019 at 7:53 pm

is difficult to find the truth, so I appreciate your list and your article at all, I was looking for a specific company reputation so thanks.

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