is Better Business Bureau legitimate, is it worth joining and paying the dues?

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ABC News and Los Angeles Times debunked the BBB (Better Business Bureau)

Brian Ross of ABC News and David Lazarus of Los Angeles Times exposed the BBB or Better Business Bureau as being an unworthy non reliable organization. David Lazarus reported that by searching through the BBB´s database he found that most of the companies that paid their membership very often obtain higher grades in no time while their list of unaccredited  businesses with no verifiable complaint records were punished with the lowest grades.

BBB Business Bureau seems to worry more about the money and not about  their reputation.

Compared to Motherhood and to Apple Pie, The Better Business Bureau reputation has gradually lost its true values. The organization counts with 122 offices through United States and although at early years they worked hard to expose frauds and prevent people from scammers it now appears that the very BBB has evolved into a Shakedown Racket.

ABC News and Los Angeles Times debunked the BBB

I had a Job in BBB

I got a job there and went through their training. They told us to represent ourselves like we were government officials and basically threaten people with harm to their business if they don’t sign up. I didn’t complete the training and quit. Very dishonest company all they talk about is sales and claim to be nonprofit., all that means is that their is no profit left after the higher ups get massive pay days.  Jhon V. YouTube


In 2010 ABC's 20/20 reported in a segment titled "The Best Ratings Money Can Buy" about the irregularities in BBB ratings. They reported that a man created two dummy companies which received A+ ratings as soon as he had paid the membership fee. They also reported that business owners were told that the only way to improve their rating was by paying the fee. Source: WIKIPEDIA

ABC News and Los Angeles Times debunked the BBB
Better Business Bureau extorts companies

Better Business Bureau grading system based on payment of accreditation fees.

Richard Blumenthal urged that BBB grading system should be separated from accreditation payments and that a there should be an external organization to review all the process involved.

If BBB Better Business Bureau was created as a non profit organization why their chapter President receives a salary of more than 400 000 USD?

George G. of the CT Watchdog who has been tracking BBB´s issues for a long time asserts that a Third party should take part of company's assessment to give a faier grade and that the salaries should be limited as well. The organizations looks more like a very lucrative business and not that of non profit organization.

The BBB Better Business Bureau ridicules himself and Gives an “A” to HAMMAS and StormFront (White Supremacist Group)..

The BBB Better Business Bureau ridicules himself and Gives an “A” to HAMMAS and StormFront (White Supremacist Group).

BBB gives an "A" to Hammas

Better Business Bureau grading system is now unworthy of consumer trust.

Through a thoroughly investigation carried out by the ABC´s Attorney Richard Blumenthal and his colleagues while present in some businesses in Los angeles documented with cameras how the BBB Better Business Bureau Telemarketers told the owners by phone that they could raise their C grade up to A by paying a membership fee.

¡Find it out!

Who else is following Better Business Bureau Example? Click image to flip it

By Paying BBB´s Fees  Businesses´ grades improved immediately

During the call the owners accepted and paid the fee  of $395.00 USD with their credit cards. It only took one day so that the former grade of “C” became an “A”. This all documented by ABC News and whose video we share to you for your own satisfaction.


I was scammed by a A+ business thanks to BBB

I got involved with a bad contractor that has an A+ grade with the BBB. When I first went to file a complaint, there was already one complaint. After filing a complaint, I went back to print the 1st complaint and it had been removed.The contractor that I'm dealing with is a total POS, and gets an A+. That is why I chose the contractor in the 1st place. That and the fact that he has a totally fraudulent website to mislead customers into thinking he is something that definitely is not.I made an attempt to call the BBB, but my call wasn't returned.  Source "YouTube"

Better Business Bureau a non reliable company.

For now and all BBB has lost what is has built for longer than 90 years. The organization resigned its principles and its values for pursuing economic revenues. Citizens of the United States of america now can not trust anymore the gradings and now people turned to look for another reliable source of trustworthy information to protect themselves against scammers.


It will take many years to recover all that this organizations has lost.


Who to believe when the most important organization has been proven to be SCAM.

If the old BBB has failed to United States what can people expect from the rest of organizations that abound on Internet so as:

  • Scam Advisor
  • Federal Trade Commission

It is another fact and we will share in Timeshare Adviser that the mentioned organizations have also failed.

The nonprofit organizations that have failed to United Stated Consumers as well.

Scamadviser - FTC (Federal Trade Commission) TUGBBS Failed to accurately approve or disapprove fake reviews on their respected and popular Blogs.

Better  Business Bureau Quotes

The following is a collection of some true non manipulated reviews published by people in United States regarding our present topic, which are just extracts and each of them with a live link to their original blogs were they were published.

HackerNews on Dec 8, 2010 

“My sister works for a company and dealt with the Better Business Bureau. Because they were a small company, they decided not to get involved with the BBB. Only then did they realize that if you do not, you start out with a bad mark if someone looks up for your company. I believe she said a "C-" was given to them by not being a member of the BBB. The only way to resolve this was to become a member. Talk about racketeering.

Better Business Bureau scandal (1)

HackerNews on Dec 8, 2010

“My wife works for a  company that is in a similar situation. They are not a member of the BBB (thus they are not accredited) and there is only one complaint on the BBB that was filed 3 years ago. This single complaint gives them a D- rating. A newly formed competitor of theirs became a paying member of the BBB from the get go and they are  heavily promoting the fact that they have an A+ The BBB wants approx $16,000 for them to become accredited. Unless they pay, they can't increase their rating to anything decent…”

CNN Investigation published
By Blake Ellis and Melanie Hicken


“Through its investigation, CNN  found a sampling of more than 100 companies that had ratings of - A or higher despite having serious actions taken against them by government regulators in the past year. Some have been ruled out scams and were shut down, but they still kept their highest BBB grade.

Through its investigation into the organization and its practices, CNN  found that the BBB's rating system is seriously flawed all this resulting in grades that appear to be arbitrary and change erratically.”

Better Business Bureau Scandal

Better Business Bureau is a Mafia-like racket


Consumer Affairs


“The Brookstone Law Firm of Newport Beach claims the Better Business Bureau heavily favors companies  that pay the fee to join its accreditation program, and that BBB ratings are “intentionally biased and inconsistent”  according to Courthouse News Service.”


Reddit Social Network


“ local Better Business Bureau  has shady sales tactics. They make money by having local companies as members. I owned a small business but we did zero business locally. Every few months, I would get a call from the BBB telemarketers trying to sell a membership. The standard line was "We have received x number of inquiries about your business in the past few months." Lies.”


Better Business Bureau 20

How the Better Business Bureau is Like the Modern-Day Mafia

If you’ve ever seen a mafia movie, the Better Business Bureau is just a fancy version of it. If you ran a business in the mafia’s territory, you would be offered protection as long as you paid them off. Once you stopped paying, they wouldn’t protect you anymore and couldn’t guarantee your safety. Better Business Bureau?”


TechDirt´s Blog


“The Better Business Bureau  has long ago lost any credibility. Anyone that has a small amount of intelligence has seen over the years the plain junk on the BBB.
Do a search on their website for work at home and then search on Google or Bing for reviews of any company that shows up. The BBB lets any company that pays get special treatment that involves erasing bad comments”


Ripoff Report´s Blog


Better Business Bureau BBB or Better business bureau Fraud, Racket, Extortion, Mafia, Deceptive United States of America Nationwide.”

Is the Better Business Bureau a Protection Racket? By StillKeepin YouTube Channel.

The following excerpt has been taken from a YouTube Channel under the name of StillKeepIn whose copyrights we respect and share here only to enhance the veracity of the content of the present article to help protect business owners in USA so we all can avoid being extort by BBB or by YELP or even Ripoff Report, Yes, they are also another private companies manipulating business data and “reviews” to force business owners pay a fee to clean up the reputation.

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The Video talk goes like this, just Click to open the accordcion!

Let's talk about the BBB, most people know them as a type of consumer protection agency where we can check out businesses reputation and find out if there´s any complaints and see if those were resolved. I´m interested in Better Business Bureau because I have a business too.

I want to bring up some things that many people ignore about the BBB.

Better Business Bureau´s Council has failed to monitor and to maintain the Integrity of its Branches.

The first fact is that the Bureau is actually a large group of more than 110 branches in all United states and each of them is independently owned and operated, thereby is not just one single group.

If BBB council has failed to monitor and to maintain the integrity of one of its many branches, no doubt it will fail again to check up the rest of the 110 branches in all United states.

The Pay to Play scandal of the BBB´s Southern California Chapter

If you did not know a few years ago the southern california Chapter, which is the largest one of the Better Business Bureau in all of north american branches was actually suspended because they were involved in certain issue called the Pay to Play scandal.

You probably have seen different companies that have been quoted or unquoted BBB accredited that  means The Better Business Bureau grades them based on the standards they have listed and that are explained how to get certain letter grades from A + down to F grade.

The reason why California´s BBB was suspended is because they were found out delivering higher grades to businesses that were paying to join or to get the membership.

While Better Business Bureau  asserts that it's not our obligation to be part of the members of BBB to obtain a good grade they say that by paying our dues you can have a highest grade and get a badge to display it on your website to show your customers you are a BBB accredited business.

Better Business Bureau caught selling “Higher Grades” to Businesses

Better Business Bureau was caught up giving companies higher grades as soon they started paying their dues which is not really ethical and that's how they made their money.

If I want to become a Better Business Bureau Accredited it would cost me 475 USD a year plus other fees and it all goes all the way up to over 11 000 USD a year for larger businesses.These fees are paid to them on an annual basis so they say it's an investment to be accredited by them.

BBB (Better Business Bureau)  is not affiliated to any Government program.

It's a matter of fact that BBB is a private business as well.

BBB image of being a consumer protection agency when they are not affiliated to any official government program at all. This means Better Business Bureau is a private business.

What bothers me the most  is that I didn't see how they could be a pro-consumer when 100% of their revenue which is over 200 000 000 USD a year comes from businesses paying their dues.

Better Business Bureau was known to have been accrediting fake businesses

Better Business Bureau was known to have been accrediting fake businesses as long as people were paying their dues. Another thing is that we can not publish anything and anywhere that could be construed as something negative about the BBB, so by posting this video I would lose my accreditation. They don't  like any type of negative light aiming at them.

In case you would like to watch the entire “testimony” in YouTube please just follow the following Link: Is Better Business Bureau a Protection Racket? Is it still relevant to us?


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