Timeshare scam advisory Vs Travel Plus & its many duplicates

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Travel Plus a worn out phrase which is now taken as timeshare scam

Travel management firms should definitely quit the idea of the usage of certain words as

Travel Plus AC SCAM

Travel Plus which do more harm than benefits if what they want is keeping good reputation in Internet since many timeshare scammers  have adopted this popular phrase to pose as though they were a legitimate travel agency.

Travel Plus AC SCAM


Corporate travel companies wish to be found by their potential customer standing out in searches through Internet as travel plus services.

Travel Plus AC SCAM

There are plenty of travel management companies using this same term with little modifications in their websites. This common usage of a phrase usually leads to a destructive effect which embraces most of the travel agencies, be those legitimate or not.

Take a look to some of the most remarkable snippets that result under the open wide search “Travel Plus” on Google 


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Top 4 excerpts dealing with Travel Plus Scams

The Ripoff Report

ripoffreport@2x“This website is a scam and trying to rip off your free trial time. I received the introductory mail after 3 or more weeks only to find that my free trial time has passed and my credit card has been billed for monthly fee by travelplus.com…”

Site: Ripoff Report

Travel plus 5 red flags to warn you before you sign up

My Success OnLine

“There is nothing more obvious than fake company. You are not given real data toward the company location within the website. Although they do put it on FB fan page, but is not the real address. You can’t see the visual part of the company! Well, maybe because they are just regular people? If you go to the website, you barely see About Us page….”

Site: Mysuccessonline

Beware of Top 5 travel plus scams

NBC News

“Scams are all around us and unfortunately, travel plus scams tend to be near the top of the heap. It seems that for every legitimate travel offer there is one that isn’t.

A client of ours just returned from Mexico where he thought he agreed to extend his stayNBC news to try out a timeshare. When he returned, he found that his credit card had been charged $37,000 and he was a proud new owner of a timeshare — Spanish contracts tend to be confusing if you are not fluent in the language”


Timeshare resale fails, another Scam?



“They sound legit (travel plus ac) but when I asked the second one for his address so I could send them a card to thank him for his help he put me on hold and then came back with an excuse to call me back. So far no call…”

The Consumer.ftv.gov

Scammers mingle among legitimate travel companies

Scammers become experts in every single art or business and will always appear toOvelha-negra.jpg mingle among them to remain unnoticed. They resemble a clever predator that lures its prey close enough for the ambush.

Don´t be an easy prey for the timeshare scammers in Internet there´s enough readable content through the WEB for everyone interested about learning how to protect yourself and your money from cunning fraudsters.



  • Have you ever been scammed in Internet?

  • Would you like to share your story with us?



Kylee Wheeler · April 4, 2018 at 9:40 pm

I really don´t have a scam report but I need to know what other people say about a company called travel plus ac from Utah. Is this a trustworthy company. I ran a search in Internet but I found nothing more than a few data in some citation sites.
I wonder if BBB has some report about this company. I would appreciate so much any information.

    timeshareadviser · April 9, 2018 at 3:29 pm

    Hi Kylee,
    We would like to give further information about this company history in Internet. We certainly assert that the company might be a legitimate one though we prefer to advise all readers to continue exploring through web searches to collect as much data as possible before doing any business with them. We thank you for the interest and the support to our site.

    Rob Allen · April 9, 2018 at 3:37 pm

    They called me out of nowhere and though it was very annoying I ended working with them and it was really worth it. What I learned is that trying something new might give you a good experience. If they call you don’t just refuse because you think or you believed this or that. You could lose a valuable opportunity.

Scott Clark · May 15, 2018 at 7:28 pm

I thank travel plus ac for its great work and personalized attention in favor of my company for which we have managed to save important economic sums at the same time that the service is definitely the best.
Keep your pace that way. I give you my 5 stars review.

Timeshare Advisor News · October 11, 2018 at 8:06 pm

[…] cancelling companies want you to get hypnotized by their appealing promise to get you rid of the Timeshare, though the cost is never […]

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