Who to believe in when declarations are founded on anonymous calls

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The Idaho Department of Insurance fails to accurately prove which companies are in fact scammers

The Idaho Department of Insurance fails to accurately prove which companies are truly scammers operating under disguise, since USA and Mexican government as well approve timeshare resale and clearly explained by  Nolo Legal Encyclopedía and while many firms are legitimate there are many which are not and try to imitate in every aspect of them.The Idaho Department of Insurance

This stains everyone´s reputation and prestige and it seems impossible to remove such bad odor from people’s subconscious mind.


Insurance department should be an adviser and not an attacker

123680-425x300-mad1We must council people and warn them about purchasing something that is outside the country but at the same time we must be smart and cautious about  what are we going to assert on virtual media as Internet before undertaking a thoroughly documental investigation to prove our suspicions can be truly founded on facts.

The Idaho Department of Insurance no doubt strives to protect us from being deceived guard-central-1 by scammers, nonetheless, sometimes such declarations  might cause harm to many other firms which legally operate in Idaho or other states.


Nowhere in their site we read Title Insurance CompanyLinkedin header The Closing Source

By exploring The Closing Source LLC official website we can´t read anywhere that  it develops as a Title Insurance company.

We better doubt to anyone pretending to be legitimate closing company

Cases as the previously described makes us all doubt to everyone because the accusations made by the Idaho department seem to have a very superficial investigation on their part and their immediate declarations only supported by an “anonymous” call drive us to doubt about them as well.


The readers who seek for support and advise before or after any transaction will surely think that all companies named as Closing Source, Closing agents or closing whatever… are merely scammers  pretending to be title insurance companies.


Brief but illuminating resource online

Returning to the issue about who is and who is not a fraudster when someone is offered evl10_240to purchase a Timeshare in Mexico the brief but illuminating insights provided by Nolo Legal encyclopedia we now  realize how to train our senses to detect a scammer and it gives us a clear response to the so cited question “why should i have to pay an upfront fee or tax when purchasing a timeshare in Mexico” Go ahead to the link above and clear all your doubts.


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Nicholas Coleman · May 15, 2018 at 7:54 pm

Excellent article it’s quite interesting and complicated at the same time because in fact I read some articles about the scams through Internet and by phone. I say its difficult for the companies and for the people too because the the thieves steal real and verifiable data of the true agents and agencies as well. They then call pretending to be that person. They give give us real names, numbers, address and more business data that indeed exist.

About the payments it’s another difficult problem too. I have read about the Nolo´s encyclopedía before and what they say is right about the Mexican Government and the required fees. The problem for us is to be sufficiently smart to detect the scams before it’s too late to save our money. We’d better hire an attorney for this issues. Or am I Wrong?

Felipe · September 7, 2018 at 11:47 am

This is really useful, thanks.

Angeline · September 7, 2018 at 2:42 pm

It works really well for me

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